Lost Pupils

I love when out of the corner of your eye, you can see that your phone just did something, but when you look back at it, whatever it is has disappeared. I’m amazed by how dependent on our phones we are…and yet I love being able to look stuff up at a moment’s notice, map to multiple places without having to print stuff out, find a restaurant nearby, or pull up my website for some info. Yet in my principal’s meeting, he wanted to know what I was doing on my phone (um, taking notes? or texting my BFF?)…in a meeting two principals ago, he got mad at us for taking notes on our devices and forced us back to paper. The current guy is young enough to be my kid! But yeah, I was taking notes. No really, I was.

I’ve already dealt with the girlchild’s last-day-at-school texts this morning (this box is a million pounds!), last night I finally got the boychild to answer, and then went back and forth with a teacher about how some kids are gonna need consequences and parent meetings. Maybe we were better off when we didn’t hear all that. Hard to say. Being alone most of the time means I like the connection…but it is a LOT of connecting.

So my phone is flashing away at me and I’m still oh so tired. I don’t know what it is about this week. I don’t think I’m sleeping a lot less, but the mornings surely hurt.

I went to my stitching meeting last night and now all I want to do is get on a plane and go to Spain. Or anywhere really. But Spain would be nice. Wish I taught geography so I could go for a teacher scholarship with National Geographic. If you can’t afford to travel, you have to find other ways? Well yeah. I guess.

I was pretty braindead when I got home. I was grading before I left, and then finishing up a comic book I had to return (um, graphic novel). I eventually made it up…standing even…and came in here to stitch down the quilt…

DSCN0025 small

Like I said, I didn’t think it would take long…

DSCN0026 small

And it didn’t…about an hour and a half. This thing is small and uncomplicated. Probably a good thing at this point of the school year. Twenty-three days.

The back.

DSCN0027 small

I check the back to see if I missed stitching anything down.

Then I realized as I was stitching it down that I was missing the black circles (the pupils) in the eyes. I had noticed they weren’t there when I was sorting pieces, and I meant to cut new ones, but forgot. Actually, I noticed even before that I was missing them…after I trimmed the Wonder Under and was ironing stuff to fabric. I thought I had already ironed them and just didn’t remember it…that I’d find them eventually.

DSCN0028 small

Lost pupils. And I remembered (and forgot again) while I was ironing. And I remembered again last night…but didn’t do it because I really do need to try to get to bed before midnight thirty on a school night. So hopefully tonight…after two openings (ha!), I will cut out some pupils (ironic. I’m cutting out fabric to represent a hole.) and iron them on and stitch them down, and THEN…only then will I be able to sandwich this puppy.

Some Freudian thing about the word pupils and my job as a teacher there. Yes. I know. I got it.

I’m not expecting any work getting done tomorrow. I have an opening at night down in Barrio Logan and I have a science thing all morning. Ugh. Survival of the fittest. I’m pretty sure I’ve proven my worth to society…maybe y’all could mellow out and let me sit on the deck and draw in the sun for a few hours (when would that be? You’d have to be home during daylight AND awake. Not happening. Silly Kathy. That’s what summer is for.).

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