So two days in a row this week that I’ve worked on art for more than 5 hours…and neither of them was a weekend or holiday. Now how much work have I gotten done? Yeah. Don’t ask that. Is the house clean? Don’t ask that either. Last night, I managed to kamikaze out of school, pick up the dog, who went right in the pool for her daily wade (she won’t swim), then cleaned the entryway floor enough so I could trim the quilt. On Wednesday, I had bought two possible binding fabrics because I couldn’t decide…I picked the green one…

DSCN0138 small

Which is funny, because there isn’t a ton of green in the quilt, but it works. The other one works too, but it detracted more from the image, and there isn’t a lot of room between image and edge, so it was too much.

What’s funny is that I miscut one strip and I had already cut both sleeves, and I had only bought a yard, so there wasn’t enough for the last strip. So I cut it out of a sleeve and just barely had enough of the background color, which I used for the backing as well, to cut another sleeve. So not a whole lot is leftover of either fabric, which is too bad, because they are both lovely batiks. That said, I really don’t need more fabric. Well. I do. I always do. I’m always missing that one color that would transition between this or that, or the turquoises are out of fashion or the purples aren’t quite right. Seriously. I do always have this issue.

So the top fabric below was the other binding contender. The two blues are because I haven’t seen good ones in a while. The rest were from an attempt to replace a really good pale gray/white I had for the last 5 or so years, plus they were having a sale on batiks and those spoke to me.

DSCN0142 small

There is a whole shitload of batik fabric in my stash. That and Kaffe Fassett. And random black and white stuff. And skulls. Anyway, so I had quilt class last night and the kamikaze binding event was so I could get the machine stuff done at home so I wouldn’t have to lug everything with me and I could just hand sew the rest at the meeting. And I was rocking that until the girlchild called, which was FINE. I love to hear from her, but not when she missed her stop and is randomly crying and standing in the freezing dark 3000 miles away, waiting for an Uber with a strange man driving, so I’m gonna just keep talking until she gets back to the dorm.

Which I did. It slowed me down a bit, but that was fine. It was nice to hear her voice, but then I get sad because they’re gone. Ugh.

I made it to class about 10 minutes late, which didn’t really matter because I’m always late anyway. Really. And then I did handsewing for quite a while. Came home. Made 48 mini cornbread muffins (like you do) for today’s chili cookoff thing at school WHILE making dinner and trying to edit something and send out a bid on something else and manage a third thing. Oh yeah. Shipping a quilt for a show. Not a bad thing. Sort of half-assed lesson-planned, because I do need to have stuff done for next week and the rest of the unit (ha!). Then kept stitching.

DSCN0141 small

Naw. She’s not done. I have one more sleeve to stitch down. That was at 12:30. Ugh. And then I didn’t fall asleep until after 1 and some animal…OK, definitely a skunk based on the odor this morning…was barreling around outside my window at 2:19. Scared the crap out of me. The dog rolled over and sighed, but Kitten, my attack cat, leapt out of bed to her observation post at the door, where she’s pushed the slats of the blinds to the right enough that she can see out. Good to know someone’s ready to take care of intruders, because the Golden Retriever didn’t even whine or bark. Eventually my adrenaline levels returned to normal and Kitten came back to bed, my erstwhile companion in sleep, and I got a few more hours in, but I’m feeling it this morning.

Almost done with this one though, and a week early. I haven’t totaled up the hours yet. And I started looking at stuff for the next one. It’s supposed to be a smaller quilt of a particular size that relates to a larger one that has something to do with women or feminism or gender or whatever. And yeah, a lot of my recent work does that, but sometimes it’s harder for me to see that in the earlier work. And most of the current work is out traveling or has been entered in a show, so I can’t use it for this one. But I think I picked one. And now all I have to do is draw the smaller one…without 700 tiny pieces. Ha! No problem. There’s already a picture in my head. I just need time to put it on paper. And sleep. I’m gonna need some sleep.


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