Dropping One in Boston

So I found an iron on sale here while visiting two different Bed Bath and Behemoths, and thought about just buying it because I have a very empty suitcase I’m taking back. 

Seems like the iron will get bounced around though. And we already know I will drop it a few times (I always do, although I’m getting much better at that with old age), so it should start out being treated better than that. 

I didn’t go to two BBBs because I couldn’t find stuff; I went to two because my maps app wants me to have a tour of the Boston area. I think. Because I went to a Target too, and here they’re in the same mall, but my app had me drive to a completely different one. 

Sometimes you just need the big picture. That might be true for everything.

Girlchild is ensconced in her dorm room with two other roommates…it’s crowded and I don’t know how she will survive the winter…not because of the cold, but because I don’t know where she will store all her clothes. 

I’ll go back in an hour or so to drop off the last of the stuff I got this morning, and then probably return a shelf to Home Depot, and then off to the airport to fly home. I am exhausted, tired from travel and no sleep, plus I don’t deal well with humidity, and I’m emotional as hell. The moment you realize how far away both your children will be is not an easy one. I think it’ll be great for her, but it’s not easy to leave her here.

I’ve been reading a lot, even at dinner by myself last night (hey, there’s reality), and drawing a little…this one is sideways, but there’s not much I can do on my phone… 

I did this one on the plane…  

 Girlchild allowed me to take a photo with the wacky balloons. I have some of her room and the school, but they’re on the camera. 

This was the car queue to let us into the dorm. We waited until they cleared the 5 cars that had just driven over, and then they unloaded the car. I got to drive to a commuter lot and they bused me back on campus.

 Girlchild tired at dinner…

A view out the plane as we left San Diego. I’ll be back there, alone, in about 11 hours…then teaching the next day (might have been a mistake!). Hopefully I’ll be awake and asleep at normal times. I think I’m currently on UK time.

 Yeah, I know that doesn’t make sense.

Then back to teaching and art making and cats and a dog and all that stuff…

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