Hiking Sloan Canyon

On Saturday, before it rained all day Sunday, I tortured my hiking companion with two miles straight down into a canyon and then two miles straight back up.

OK, not really. It just seemed that way. I obviously shouldn’t be allowed to lead hikes. Or pick them. Or ignore the part in the article here from the San Diego Reader that talks about two miles down.

This is part of the California Riding & Hiking Trail. We parked in a turnout at the bottom of a hill on Japatul Valley Road and hiked up past some houses, until we saw this sign on the left…

Jan 12 15 001 small

The views were far-reaching, which made it worth it. A warmer day, though, and it would have been an issue…

Jan 12 15 002 small

There’s not much shade and it’s not an easy trail.

Jan 12 15 003 small

A rainy day would be near impossible…it’s probably mostly mud right now.

Jan 12 15 004 small

But deep down there is the Sloan River Valley…

Jan 12 15 005 small

Above is to the east…below is a view of Mt. Sycuan.

Jan 12 15 006 small

This is to the west…

Jan 12 15 007 small

There are large slabs of granite throughout the hike…

Jan 12 15 008 small

But it isn’t until you get way down in the valley that you realize you will eventually have to come back up.

Jan 12 15 012 small

More granite…no water.

Jan 12 15 013 small

This rusted-out jalopy shows off a road off to some rural homes…

Jan 12 15 015 small

It’s been there a while, but someone planted daffodils amongst the rusty bits…

Jan 12 15 017 small

Nice old car…

Jan 12 15 018 small

It had character…

Jan 12 15 019 small

The hot dry trail, still heading down. At one point, an old jeep passed by and the old guy in the old jeep said that if Junior and Morton came by, they were good dogs; they wouldn’t hurt us.

Jan 12 15 021 small

We never saw the dogs, but you can see some winter tree foliage down in the valley…

Jan 12 15 024 small

And there it is. The river valley itself…

Jan 12 15 026 small

With no water to be seen.

Jan 12 15 027 small

There might be water today; it rained all day yesterday. But on Saturday, it still looked like this. At the bottom of the valley. Where we now had to climb back out.

Jan 12 15 029 small

This is 4 miles round trip, and though we thought Jerry Schad must have been running to do it in 2 hours, we also were able to complete it that quickly. The trip back up, while not easy, was not as bad as we thought it would be. So there’s that. Take water; go when it’s cool. There was no one else out there but the guy in the jeep (and the two invisible dogs), so that was a plus. Oh yeah, and a bunch of ravens playing games in the warm air shafts…

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