It’s the New Year…

Hey. I finished a quilt. Another one. I think my photographer still likes me (I do pay him). I would love to post photos, but my computer is currently backing up files so I can move them onto the new computer. Thank god, because it was about to die. We have a new wifi access point, so I can still watch movies in my office. I have one bird trimmed and ready for ironing, and another ready to trim. I haven’t dealt with the cancer donation yet…maybe tomorrow. And I have another small one I’m shoving in there…because I fucking CAN…that’s why.

I started that yesterday. Computer stuff has been a major issue. I forgot how much time it takes to set up a new computer. I’m still trying to make a backup email file. I haven’t gotten everything installed yet on the new computer. I started this on the iPad and now I’m on a random laptop in the house. It’s seven minutes to the new year and I know I can’t get everything set up in time to post from the new computer. I’m tired. I should go to bed. Naw. Finish the fucking post. The nice Indian guy at Fry’s helped me get everything off the old drive that runs the older Mac in the house onto a new drive. He’s the same guy that helped me with my power supply back in March. He remembered me. And he picked a color-neutral external drive for me, because he was concerned we would have issues with blue or red. WTF? This has not been a cheap tech week in this house. Hopefully upgrading all this crap will last for a while.

I did finish cutting out the other bird. I need to do the cancer piece. I would show you pictures of stuff, but that would mean the other computer was set up. Totally. It’s not. I do have pictures of the new quilt. It’s done! Officially finished on the 29th. Of December. Smart people would have finished it on January 1 of the new year. I’m not smart.

I’m a little burnt out on quilts, to be honest, at the moment. Too much in too short a period of time. I can handle a few small ones, I think. I have a plan for about five small ones in the next few weeks. OK, that’s a little crazy. I also have a ton of grading to do. I haven’t looked at school stuff at all. I can’t even deal with it right now. Maybe tomorrow. I said that this morning, though. I don’t know what happened to today. Do you have lots of days like that? When you’re not sure what the fuck happened? Like why didn’t you get more done? I don’t know where the hours went today, I really don’t.

Anyway. A few small quilts in the next week or so; meanwhile, I’m evaluating what’s coming up in the future…gotta figure out the deadlines. Gotta get my art head straight.

It’s 2015 now. I made a lot of quilts in 2014…like 22 of them. Granted, quite a few of them were small, but that wasn’t so bad. When I get my computer up and running, I will make my composite of the year’s quilts. Calli wants to know why we’re all still up and watching TV. None of us are really watching though. I’m writing this post. Girlchild is writing college app essays. I don’t know what boychild is doing. Leverage is on…amusing show. Seen them all before, but they do well with a second watch. 2015 is going to be a good year, I’m thinking. I’m counting on it. First art opening is in 17 days. That can’t be a bad start.

3 Responses to It’s the New Year…

  1. di5lexi says:

    What busy mom doesnt have those day? LOL I let the kids stay up late and we only made it through one round of Clue! I had planned on Monopoly Jr & Volcano Island Countdown too but where did the time go? I guess “time flies” 😉 I feel tge same as you in regardes to the housework. Four months of school and the housework got way behind – and before I start my new job monday I really wanted to completely over haul this house. Only now there is four days left – and it doesnt seem like a lot of time haha…


  2. Tanya Brown says:

    Yes, your photographer still likes you. Do you know how much freaking work it can be to drum up business when you’re freelancing? Regular clients are like gold. You’re paying for this guy’s beer or sandwiches or something.

    Happy new year!


  3. Martha says:

    Nearly every day I wonder why I didn’t get anything accomplished. I seem to have that adult onset ADHD.
    Love the new piece, btw. I’m reading backwards…


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