The Crone Emerges…

After Thanksgiving, I was ironing all the pieces down…here’s the biggest pieces of flesh on the whole quilt. I used up almost all of this fabric (which I really loved)…

Dec 1 13 004 small
Pieces were piling up, and I was cutting them out as quickly as I could…

Dec 4 13 001 small
Here’s all the fabrics that were used in the quilt.

Dec 5 13 002 small
And here’s a pile of leftovers after I finish trimming stuff…

Dec 15 13 026 small
After that, I sorted pieces, around the end of the year. I had about two more weeks of Winter Break left.

Dec 29 13 008 small
I started ironing around New Year’s Eve and was done a few days later.

Dec 29 13 009 small
No, I don’t have a life. Why do you ask?

Dec 30 13 019 small
This bird was the beginnings of an idea in Julie’s mind to have me make the small bird quilts I did last summer…

Dec 30 13 022 small
Ironing went quickly…

Dec 30 13 027 small
I was motivated to get it done before school started up again.

Dec 31 13 010 small
The maiden…

Jan 1 14 061 small
Both of them together…

Jan 2 13 020 small
The upper torso coming together…

Jan 2 13 043 small
And Kitten on the crone’s shoulder. Every crone needs a cat.

Jan 3 13 008 small
And this is where I started questioning my choice of background fabric.

Jan 4 13 005 small
I actually laid the whole thing out on the purple fabric…purple that I loved. And then I rejected it. And went shopping for that blue…that eye-popping blue.

Jan 4 13 008 small
Because that blue is what it needed to be. Here it is ironed down, waiting to be stitched down…

Jan 5 13 079 small
Stitching it down, all in early January…

Jan 6 14 001 small
The great thing about those vacation weeks is that I don’t have to do a whole lot of schoolwork.

Jan 8 14 012 small
So I have more time to make art. She definitely has a marked face…

Jan 8 14 014 small
I started quilting it on January 9. That’s probably about when I went back to school…

Jan 11 14 050 small
Lots of outlining…

Jan 11 14 048 small
I quilted it in 7 days during school. I was a little obsessed (honestly, I was running out of time).

Jan 13 14 001 small
There’s all that detail again…

Jan 12 14 004 small
And then I started quilting the background…

Jan 15 14 003 small
The binding went on around the 17th and I was handstitching the night before I was supposed to take it to the photographer.

Jan 18 13 004 small
The next post? Official pictures…

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