Earth Stories: The Reveal

So I meant to post this ages ago, but life always gets in the way. Because the exhibit is finally open (Kathryn, that was like so three weeks ago), I can post pictures of the whole Earth Stories piece. The larger quilt is 72″ square and is called Wise Choice

Nida009 copy

There’s a lot going on in this quilt…and I did actually go back and add ink after the photos were taken (don’t tell)…

Nida016 small

There was a lot of gray, except for this section.

Nida014 copy

Lots of crazy details too…

Nida013 copy

Tiny little pieces abound…

Nida012 small

It’s in Michigan right now at the Michigan State University Museum through November 26…

Nida011 small

So you can see all those crazy tiny details up close…I really like that fetal skelly…

Nida010 small

The smaller one is 12×14″ and is called Planting Choice

Nida003 copy

It’s still got crazy tiny pieces in it…

Nida004 copy

I guess that’s how I roll…

Nida005 copy


It took from March through September of last year to get these done…they should be traveling for a while, so hopefully you’ll get a chance to see them. I’ll put show updates on the Current Shows page as I get them. There is also a catalog available on the SAQA website, plus you can see all the other quilts there too.



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