I am a fan of apocalyptic fiction, although I have a really hard time spelling that word, so when Sheltered showed up on NetGalley’s pages, I grabbed it. I knew nothing about it when I started reading it (I didn’t even really read the blurb), which I think was a good thing, because this comic was a bit of a surprise…people gathering together to try to survive some giant event (in this case, volcanic eruptions are believed to be some predictor of future earth-damaging issues). Safe Haven is a place where they have gathered to increase their chances of survival.


The story itself is good, although not amazing…it kept my attention and surprised me a bit…I wasn’t expecting it to go the way it did, but it raises the question of how we would expect kids to think if we raised them in an over-planned pre-apocalyptic world…


The art is standard fare, although there are some very good full-page splashes (I had to go look up that term, which is ironic, considering I used to work in publishing…the brain deletes what it no longer needs). This is Volume 1, which collects issues 1-5, so you know what that means…Ed Brisson and Johnnie Christmas will be back with more story (I’m kind of curious about where they will be able to go with that…), in fact, issue 6 is already out. If you’re wondering what the Preppers do before the disaster actually hits, and how all that paranoia might affect this kids, then this comic will help you worry even more about that scenario.

One thought on “Sheltered

  1. so, yes, Connie Willis funny books are To Say Nothing of the Dog (it helps if you’ve read Three Men and a Boat, but isn’t necessary) and Bellwether. Some of her books are completely heartwrenching, but both of those made me laugh out loud.

    Also the cover of this week’s Science News has an image of two hands composed of smaller images of various bacteria, and it made me think of your work. It is really pretty, it wasn’t the gross part that made me think of you, it was the thinking about what’s not visible on the surface.


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