California Fibers Here and Now

California Fibers has an exhibit Here and Now at Cal State Long Beach, in the Werby Gallery, from today (the 16th) through Saturday (the 21st). The opening is actually the closing night, 5-7 PM. I’ve posted the info before, but this tells you about parking and stuff.


Many of the artists will be there Saturday night. I will be sitting on a soccer field, watching my daughter play. It is what it is.

Here are some pictures of the exhibit…

It seems to be a very nice, open space, with a wide variety of fiber work.

It’s one of the reasons I liked this group…it’s not just quilts.

It’s everything.

If you are in Long Beach for Convergence (the handweaving convention), this is in the area. Or if you just like to hang out in Long Beach. I have relatives there. They probably don’t read my blog. It’s OK.

Mine is the blue quilt hanging in the middle of that back wall. If you go, let me know. Take pictures. Send them to me. Enjoy the finger foods (which I’ve heard are not actually made from fingers, to my great disappointment.

One Response to California Fibers Here and Now

  1. gericon says:

    Shoot – I am coming to Long Beach for IQF – it would have been fun to see this, too. Will I see you at Long Beach?


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