I’m Not Crazy Exhibit

Sue Reno finished jurying I’m Not Crazy, a SAQA exhibit that will be touring with the Mancuso quilt shows starting in August. There were 128 quilts and 86 artists. Sue picked 20 art quilts that embody the theme of the exhibit and will hopefully get people to think about what it means to have a mental illness or be a caregiver for someone who has it. Thank you to all the artists who entered their very personal work; to Sue for carefully thinking through her decisions and reading the statements to make sure the theme was supported; to Lisa Ellis for all her help with her awesome online entry system, Art Call; to Martha Sielman for dealing with the minutia; and to Kathleen McCabe, my curator trainer, who answered all my goofy questions.

Congratulations to the twenty artists below…I’m hoping (a lot!) to see the exhibit in Santa Clara, although it might take a miracle to get me there.

Nancy L. Bardach, Running Through

Jane B. Broaddus, Another Panic Attack

Melinda Bula, Good and Plenty

Gerrie Congdon, Alternate Universe

Carol Howard Donati, In My Head

Judy Kirpich, Circles No.5

Harue Konishi, SYO#42

Karol Kusmaul, Whee at the ALF

Susan Lenz, Held Together By a Thread

Kathleen McCabe, What Next?

Lea McComas, Recovery

Salli McQuaid, Bipolar 1: Loco

Elizabeth Michellod-Dutheil, Badly to be (Mal être)

Karen S. Musgrave, Glimpses of the Dark Angel

Mary B. Pal, Stogie

Judith A. Roderick, Red Ravens

Connie Rohman, Woven (For Jack)

Lois A. Sprague, Moody Blues

Cynthia St Charles, All Alone and Blue

Sylvia M. Weir, Insane Asylum

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