Recent Work

Recent Work

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This is Love (not), finished in early January.

Nida003 copy small

It’s 43″ w x 56″ h ($3000) and started out as a small drawing that became a larger drawing, and then apparently became my life.

And this is a detail of Awakening the Crone, also finished in January.

Nida020 copy small

This is the Mother…and this is the Maiden…

Nida021 copy small

And here is the full quilt now that the show has opened…

Nida017 copy

Awakening the Crone ($3600) is 40″ w x 70 1/2″ h. This piece was made specifically for this exhibit.

In July, I made 10 small bird quilts because Julie dared me to (she said she’d buy one…just to be clear…she didn’t tell me to make TEN. My crazy brain told me to make that many). As of today, 8/10 have sold and I have a commission to make a similar one of one of the drawings.

Bird 1: Dove, 11.5“ w x 10.5“ h, $140. (SOLD)

Jul 25 006 crop med

Bird 2: Spotted Bird, 9.25“ w x 9.25“ h, $105. (SOLD)

Jul 25 009 crop med

Bird 3: Bird with Eyeball, 10“ w x 10“ h, $140. (SOLD)

Jul 25 010 crop med

Bird 4: Diving Bird, 9“ w x 14.25“ h, $110. (SOLD)

Jul 26 14 003 crop med

Bird 5: HeyBird, 14“ w x 11“ h, $130. (SOLD)

Jul 26 14 004 crop med

Bird 6: Falling Bird, 9.25“ w x 18.5“ h, $140. (SOLD)

Jul 26 14 005 crop med

Bird 7: Bluebird, 19.5“ w x 11.5“ h, $150. (SOLD)

Jul 27 14 002 crop med

Bird 8: Purple Bird, 18.25“ w x 14.5“ h, $205.

Jul 27 14 008 crop med

Bird 9: Blackbird, 16.75“ w x 13“ h, $205. (SOLD)

Jul 27 14 009 crop med

Bird 10: Owl, 15.5“ w x 18.25“ h, $235. (SOLD)

Jul 27 14 012 crop med

Bird 11: Dove 2, 10“ w x 8“ h, $100 (no binding, no sleeve, hangs on rings).

Sep 1 14 020 small

Bird 12: Bird with Eyeball 2, 12“ w x 11.5“ h, $140. (SOLD)

Sep 3 14 006 small

Bird 13: Diving Bird 2, 10“ w x 8“ h, $100 (no binding, no sleeve, hangs on rings).

Sep 1 14 023 small

Bird 14: HeyBird 2, 15.5“ w x 12.5“ h, $130. (SOLD)

Sep 3 14 004 small

Bird 15: Owl 2, $235 (SOLD)

Sep 14 14 068 small

I finished two major quilts, Mammogram

Nida004 copy

39“ w x 52“ h, August 2014 ($2900)…

And You Make Me Wanna Die (aka Menopause)…

Nida009 copy small

40.5“ w x 80“ h, August 2014 ($9800.).

_CON6137 copy


And Work in Progress, which can’t be shown until January 17, since it’s in an exhibit at the Visions Art Museum there…but here’s a detail…

Nida_2 copy small

36″ w x 60″ h, November 2014 ($6000).


I finished two quilts in the first 17 days of January, thanks to most of the work being done in 2012. I have three more pinbasted from previous years and ready to go, plus more in my head and needing finishing in 2013. Could be a banner year!

This is Earth Day

Nida 002 copy

47″w x 62″ high, based on feelings after the Japanese tsunami in 2011 and how badly we treat the Earth ($3000).

This is I Gave Already

Nida 008 copy

40″ w x 60″ high ($2200), made for Gift, an exhibit celebrating Women’s History Month at Mesa College in March. It jumped to the top of the priority list, over the other three that were ready for quilting, because it needed to be done by January 15 for photography reasons (I was only 2 days late!).

In February, I finished Nakedman

Nida014 copy small

It’s 43.5″ wide x 28″ high ($2500).

Then July brought Babygirl

Nida006 copy small

which is 12″ wide x 18″ high ($800), made for The Pussycat Challenge, an exhibit opening at Art Share LA on September 13.

And this is Buried Under

Nida016 copy small

Also finished in July, measuring 47″ wide x 69″ high ($2200) and taking almost 3 years to complete for no real good reason.

Wise Choice was finished in September 2013 and measures 72″ square ($9000)…

Nida009 copy

It’s currently traveling with the Earth Stories exhibit. The smaller piece traveling in the exhibit is Planting Choice, 12×14″ square ($800). It was finished in September 2013.

Nida003 copy

This is a detail of the larger quilt…

Nida011 small


I also finished a small sample in August, A Uterus in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

There’s a picture of it hiding somewhere…

It’s 11″ square and is traveling with the People and Portraits exhibit.

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