Recent Work

Recent Work

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2015 starts with two small bird quilts that were commissions…this is Owl 3 (sold), the third colorway on this design…

Jan 9 15 014 small

And here is HeyBird 3 (sold)…

Jan 9 15 015 small

Both finished in early January. Like it’s January 12th today and I already have a check for them.

Also finished so far in January is Fly, Be Free, for the Fiberart for a Cause The 100 donation event in February…

Jan 17 15 027 small

12.25″w x 10.5″ h.

And Hold Me

Jan 17 15 033 small

18″w x 18.5″h ($750).

I then finished two small cancer hands after someone showed interest in a drawing I had done…

This is Catching Cancer 1 (sold)

Mar 13 15 050 small

10″w x 11″h

and Catching Cancer 2

Mar 13 15 052 small

10 1/2″w x 12 3/4″h ($140).

Upholstered Nude was finished in March for the Diverted Destruction 8 show…

Nida002 small

27 ½” w x 21 ½” h ($850).

Then Earth Mother for Ventura was finished in April…

Nida008 copy small

55” w x 64” h (Sold).

And the second of the Diverted Destruction pieces, By All Means, was finished in April as well…

Nida003 small

33 1/2” w x 23” h ($1250).

In June I finished In Deep.

Nida_010 small

40 1/2″ w x 50″ h ($2900)

and in July I busted out Part-Time Oasis.

Nida_005 small

18″ w x 40″ h ($1950).

The next one is BIIIG…so it will be a while before it shows up here…hopefully some smaller ones will pop in here before that.

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